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3D Artist Leading 3D Artist in Pakistan

I am a passionate sculptor as I see myself , adding, subtracting meshes into one, joining lines to make a surface, and yet all virtual. It's phenomenal to see what one can do being in a boundary of the screen yet being infinite within being finite; it is almost as being in another dimension. Once I start modeling I consider myself as part of that creation, I believe in being a fragment of my own work.

I love modeling elements and forms. And I love to give myself challenges in my work. I always try to model with a different approach, so nothing becomes run of the mill. I also love to play with light, and take my reference from nature. The moods of nature and time passing making the visual changes on the 3d form crave me to recreate it within my work. I am a keen learner and I do not excel in anything at all, but what keeps me going is my passion for my work.

Services My Expertise

  • Interior Exterior Design
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Exhibition Design
  • Event & Show's Stage design
  • Product modelling
  • Walkthrough
  • Broadcast Set Design
  • Lighting & texturing
  • Animation & Post

Recent Work My Work

Pakistan Idol 2013/2014.

Pakistan Idol 2013/2014. - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics

Inaam Ghar set for Amir Liaquat's 2013/2014

Inaam Ghar set for Amir Liaquat's 2013/2014 - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics

TUC the lighter side of life (Celebrity talk show) 2013/2014

TUC the lighter side of life (Celebrity talk show) 2013/2014 - Set Design & Art Direction

Pehchan RAMAZAN Set for DR AMIR LIAQUAT's 2012(Geo tv)

Pehchan RAMAZAN Set for DR AMIR LIAQUAT's 2012(Geo tv) - 3D Design / Graphics / Art Direction

AMAN RAMAZAN Set for DR AMIR LIAQUAT's 2013 (Geo tv)

AMAN RAMAZAN Set for DR AMIR LIAQUAT's 2013 (Geo tv) - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics.

Rehman Ramazan Set for Maya Khan's 2013 (Express News)

Rehman Ramazan Set for Maya Khan's 2013 (Express News) - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics.

Ramazan Transmission Set for Ali Haider's 2013 (Abb takk news)

Ramazan Transmission Set for Ali Haider's 2013 (Abb takk news) - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics.

Election Transmission set 2013 (Geo news Pakistan)

Election Transmission set 2013 (Geo news Pakistan) - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics.

Main hon Shahid Afridi 2012 / 2013

Main hon Shahid Afridi 2012 / 2013 - Poster , Graphics & Post

Chef of the year 2013 (Unilever Food Solution)

Chef of the year 2013 (Unilever Food Solution) - Set Design

Kurkure Cook of 2013 (Celebrity Cooking Show for Ramadan)

Kurkure Cook of 2013 (Celebrity Cooking Show for Ramadan) - Set Design

Cornetto Music Icons  2013

Cornetto Music Icons  2013 - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics

Interior & Exterior Design of Paprika Fast Food Restaurant  Saudi Arabia 2012 / 2013

Interior & Exterior Design of Paprika Fast Food Restaurant  Saudi Arabia 2012 / 2013 - 3D Design / Environmental Graphics.

Current Projects Currently Working on

WAR 2 - Vfx Poster & Graphics Work.

Delta Echo Foxtrot - Vfx Poster & Graphics Work.